practice your English

The quickest way to improve your conversational English is to practice!  Being a part of our group activities or meeting with a conversation partner are two great ways to gain confidence in your English skills!

experience American culture

Join us for monthly cultural activities which include attending ISU events, celebrating American holidays, and visiting cities around the Midwest!

explore the Bible

Most Saturdays we meet at the Lighthouse Student Center (112 S. Sheldon Avenue, directly behind the Dunkin Donuts) to read and discuss the Bible. Students from any or no religious background are welcome to attend.  Small group studies are held for more intentional discipleship.  If you would like to meet one-on-one or join a study, please use the contact form below.

develop lasting friendships

The relationships you develop during your time at Iowa State will greatly impact your life.  We are a community of people who care about you and desire to help you grow during your stay in Ames, and stay connected as you return home!

Lighthouse International Fellowship is a ministry of CrossRoad Baptist Church and has been ministering to international students at ISU for over 35 years.  We are a group of both Americans and international students from all over the world who meet together weekly to develop friendships while studying God’s Word, the Bible.

We meet at either our building called “The Lighthouse” (112 S. Sheldon Avenue which is right next to campus behind the Dunkin Donuts) or we meet in an American home here in Ames.  Each month we have an event that will help you experience different aspects of American culture as well.

For those who are interested in learning more about Christianity and the Bible we offer one-on-one, small group, and larger group Bible studies each week.  And for those who are already Christians and want to grow closer to God and develop leadership skills, Lighthouse International Fellowship is here to help you as well!

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LIFE (Lighthouse International Fellowship) changed my life!  Now I’m destined to live with God forever in heaven!


MA Aerospace Engineering, India

LIFE (Lighthouse International Fellowship) is a great place to learn about Christ and the Bible and to meet some amazing people, including fellow international students.


PhD Civil Engineering, India

Involvement in LIFE (Lighthouse International Fellowship) helps me to have a balanced life between learning academically and spiritually.  LIFE has helped me to understand more about my faith as I grow in my relationship with God.