Adult Bible Fellowships are held on Sundays at 10:45 am.
Following the morning service, we offer many classes for ongoing discipleship and building connections within our church body. We have inter-generational classes, meaning members from our high school to our mature adults participate in community together. We desire to practice unity by bringing our community closer together while we pursue Christ.

Genesis: Is It History? (Auditorium)
A video series narrated by Del Tackett creator of the “Truth Project”. It looks at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for creation and the flood.

Pleasing People     (Gym 101)
Lou Priolos’ work exposes many of the prideful manifestations of people pleasing and the biblical process of repentance from the heart.

A Study on the Book of Jonah and Micah    (Gym 106)
The book of Jonah reveals that because of God’s supreme power only He decides where to pour out His salvation and His mercy. The book of Micah revolves around two significant predictions: one of judgment and the other of restoration. Judgment and restoration provide fear and hope.

One-on-One Bible Study    (Room 131-1)
This will provide an effective way to disciple people in our sphere of influence as well as a tool for helping people see the Gospel clearly through the pages of Scripture.

Review of Ecclesiastes sermon    (Room 139)
We will observe how the Preacher looks at life as well as how the resurrection changes our perspective. We’ll spend time considering how to apply that to our own perspectives.