We provide Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) to serve as environments for our adults to become better acquainted with others and learn more from God’s Word in a systematic way. This is where CrossRoad will feel most like an extended family that supports you and encourages you in your walk with God. Adult Bible Fellowships meet primarily at 10:45 a.m. on Sundays following the morning service (9:15 a.m.).

For college students, we have Lighthouse Campus Fellowship & LIFE; check out their web pages.

GIFTed — A fellowship for young adults.

This group meets for a time of Bible study during the ABF hour. There are group activities for our core group and for outreach. We like to have fun and enjoy glorifying God in our outreach to others. We encourage our group members to reach out to their workplace with the gospel. If you are interested in joining or being added to our e-mail list or Facebook page, please contact the church office at office@cbcames.org.

FOCUS — A fellowship for married couples and parents of children and teens.

Good marriages provide the foundation for good parenting.  This ABF is designed to encourage great marriage skills as well as establish great relationships to help one another through life.

LIFT — A fellowship for parents of teens and empty-nesters

Raising teens, paying college tuition, dealing with empty nests, and preparing for retirement definitely add stress to life. In times like these, we need a lift from our fellow believers. The LIFT fellowship is designed to help those who are parents of teens and empty-nesters get the lift they need to grow in their skill in handling God’s Word.

JOY — A fellowship for retired adults

One does not outgrow the need for biblical teaching, fellowship or service. The Joy group intends to faithfully follow Christ and share the joy with others.