Adult Bible Fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships (Sundays, 10:45)
Following the morning service, we offer many classes for ongoing discipleship and building connections within our church body.

The Value of Relationships – Pastor Scott Owen Gym 101
Our greatest joys and our deepest hurts can be found in relationships with others. This study is designed to provide a biblical framework and practical ideas for your relationships.

Attributes of God – Dave Knudson Gym 105
Christians can be impacted in thought and action by the various messages that the world has about God. Join us as we consider 12 attributes of God that are critical to a consistent walk as a believer.

Parenting – Bill McKim Gym 106
Utilizing Tedd Tripp’s book and video seminar series as a guide, we will pursue biblical and practical ways for parents to speak to truth into the heart of their child(ren).

Overview of the Bible in Chinese (ladies) – Dottie Hatfield Room 137

Spiritual Mentoring (ladies) – Kristen Vanderweide Room 131
A precursor to a more intensive discipleship Bible study, this 13 week course is designed to help women grow spiritually and develop leadership and discipling skills that will help them serve better in their God-given roles.

The Church and Society – Peter Taylor Room 139
The Bible has answers to some of the challenging issues in our society. This course offers the students biblical truths relevant to addressing issues such as war, sexuality, sanctity of life, economics, race and politics.

James – Pastor Will Hatfield Hospitality 108
A time of discussion and follow-up after each week’s sermon as we work our way this fall through the New Testament book of James.

Chronological Bible Study – Mallory Parmerlee Library
An overview of the central message of the Scriptures. Using All the Prophets Have Spoken as a guide, we will examine the claims of the Old Testament and connect them with the core message of the Bible.