Adult Bible Fellowships


Adult Bible Fellowships (Sundays, 10:45)
Following the morning service, we offer many classes for ongoing discipleship and building connections within our church body.

Sermon Follow Up – Pastor Scott Owen   Auditorium 
Follow up discussion based on the messages about Relational Wisdom by Pastor Scott.

Finances and Intimacy – Pastor Will and Amy Hatfield   Room 139
Join us as we discuss principles behind financial decision-making that promote intimacy in your relationship as a couple.

Incarnation of Christ – Pastor Jeff Wood   Room 131
We will be learning about the incarnation of Christ – Jesus taking on a human nature – and how that impacts the way we obey in our daily lives.

Overview of the Bible in Chinese (ladies) – Dottie Hatfield   Room 138                                                                                                      A continuation of the chronological bible study from last semester.

A Savior is Born (video/discussion) – David Speed   Gym 106
A precursor to a more intensive discipleship Bible study, this 13 week course is designed to help women grow spiritually and develop leadership and discipling skills that will help them serve better in their God-given roles.

Chronological Bible Study – Mallory Parmerlee   Library
An overview of the central message of the Scriptures. Using All the Prophets Have Spoken as a guide, we will examine the claims of the Old Testament and connect them with the core message of the Bible.