• Pray for our doctors, nurses, researchers and their staff that while they toil and labor long hours, God would give them the health and energy they need, and that many may question the meaning of life and turn toward Christ in an understanding of repentance and faith. Pray many will desire a greater salvation from our current health crisis, one of eternal salvation in Christ. 
  • Pray we may see the unique needs of our neighbors and love and serve them when able, to offer encouragement and support.  
  • As we have the opportunity through media and word, pray we are able to use these gifts to share the sufficiency of Christ to save mankind from sin and the need for faith in Christ alone.
  • Pray during this time that we all depend on God to supply for our daily needs and share this hope we have from our Jehovah-Jireh to others in the community and world.

Our Global Missionaries

  • Lee & Violet Abuhl
  • Andrew & Wanda Barnes
  • Tim & Andrea Blazer
  • Manning & Jennifer Brown
  • Carol Bond
  • Jon & Holly Boyd
  • Tim & Rochell Brudtkuhl
  • Wayne & Shanna Dale
  • Heidi Davis
  • Ron & Claudine Glynn
  • David & Annette Haag
  • George & Dottie Hatfield
  • Jon & Jennifer Jenks
  • Jim & Julie Leonard
  • Scott & Marti Owen
  • Don & Betty Ross
  • John & Marissa Sharbaugh
  • Lynell Smith
  • Norman & Susan Smith
  • James& Christen Taylor
  • Mark & Jennifer Tylavsky
  • Frank & Alves Weirman
  • Stephen & Jan Wivell

Agency Partners

  • Alpha Women’s Center
  • General Association of Regular Baptist Churches – GARBC
  • Iowa Association of Regular Baptist Churches – IARBC
  • Iowa Regular Baptist Camp – IRBC
  • Lighthouse Campus Fellowship – LCF
  • Lighthouse International Fellowship – LIFE