1 Kings 18

When Elijah confronts Ahab, he shows God’s power and presence.  God answers prayer.  He is much better than any other god.  Just like the Israelites, we need to turn to Him and follow Him.

1 Kings 17

In the midst of the kings of Israel polluting the country with false religion, God judges the land of Israel with a drought and famine.  He also protects widows but not just any widow – one from Zarephath (outside of Israel).   He also protects and provides for...

1 Kings 16

In chapter 16 we have the sad tale of king after king in Israel who was given the kingdom by God but didn’t turn to God afterwards.  In fact it gets worse as Omri takes over and then Ahab.  Stay tuned to chapter 17 as we see God starting to act in this dark...
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